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When it comes to choosing wine, we go by the same rule we scream at couples on the television show First Dates; “listen to your hearts!” There's no set occasion for any wine; if a friend looks at your big, delicious, juicy glass of Malbec and comments how that's an odd choice for 40-degree heat on a Croatian beach then, well, maybe that friend isn't a friend after all!

That said, there is something about stormy nights in front of a warm fire that just works so well with full-bodied reds. Warming and comforting these big premium red wines are sure to improve autumnal evenings with a loved one, if of course that's how you'd like to drink them!

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Cosy Nights - Mixed Case of 6 Red Wines

Cosy Nights - Mixed Case of 6 Red Wines

What's In This Case

  • Becalm Malbec 2016

    Still In Stock As Part Of Our Festive Gifts Sets!

    With its deep oceans of blueberry and black cherry fruit and bright, grippy tannins, this exclusive Malbec seems to...

  • Apostrophe Larry Cheubino 'Possessive' Red Blend Australian Wine

    You can be complex yet still approachable. Look at Living in The Past by Jethro Tull, a record so wonderfully catchy that you'd never notice its complex 5/4 time signature. Look at Stephen Fry,...

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  • Prince Stirbey Negru de Dragasani

    This wine is made by the family-owned Prince Stirbey winery, whose predecessors (i.e. the Prince) used to make wine in a palace in Bucharest, from the 17th century onwards, that was served in...

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  • Aymura Carmenere 2015
    250 miles north of Santiago lies Chile's Elqui Valley, which may well have been formed by the work of singer Elkie Brooks. The area has only recently found favour with winemakers initially cautious...
  • Las Moradas 'Senda' 2013 Vegan Red Wine

    For years, the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos mountains were riddled with bandits. One night, they kidnapped the baby daughter of the local judge who had promised to rid the region of their...

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  • Umani Ronchi Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2016 Vegan Red Wine

    Set against the picturesque Italian vineyards of Cupramontana, a powerful tale of age-old traditions and ancient lands emerges. Riddled with romance, scandal, betrayal, revenge, dynasties and lots...

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