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Crystal Head Vodka

The Experience

Drink When...
Drinking With Friends
Listen To...
Waiting On A Friend By The Rolling Stones
Think About...
Social Gatherings
Drink With...
Black Russian
Alter Ego...
Johnny Blaze

The Oddbins Take

They Say

This eye-catching vodka is the brain child of comedy icon Dan Aykroyd, and it doesn't disappoint. Quadruple-distilled Vodka, sounds pretty pure right? They did not think so, filtering it through 500 million year old crystals to add the finishing touch. The result is a vodka with one of the cleanest palates out there, before a smooth clean finish.

We Say

A delightful vessel worthy of housing one of the world's purest vodkas. Alter Ego; Johnny Blaze: Time and effort went into making such a great character to enclose the excellence that's inside.

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Nose:Light, Smooth, Vanilla
Palate:Long, Mouth-Watering, Peppery, Smooth
Finish:Clean, Dry
Crystal Head Vodka - 70cl

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