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Daffy's Red Gooseberry Limited Edition Gin

The Experience

Drink When...
Listen To...
Third Eye Blind - God of Wine
Think About...
Greek Myth
Drink With...
Red Gooseberry, Lime & Mint Garnish
Alter Ego...
The Goddess of Gin

The Oddbins Take

They Say

Our limited edition red gooseberry gin was made in collaboration with Red Magazine. This is a small batch 41.4% ABV gin, infused with whole fresh unpressed Scottish red gooseberries. This gives the liquid its distinctive colouring. The liquid is not a liquor with added sugar but a classic London dry gin with some natural fruit sugar from the red gooseberries. The colour may vary from bottle to bottle but the taste will remain the same. We hope you love it!

We Say

The Goddess of Gin adorns the bottles of Daffy’s. We assume she’s fairly similar to Dionysus just more junipery. You know Dionysus was in charge of wine, grape harvest, winemaking, ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy? That is a diverse CV, you would’ve thought that he might have wanted to specialise; put the religious ecstasy on the back burner for a semester to really give the wine the attention it deserves. Had he been a bit more focused he might have invented sparkling wine a couple of millennium earlier. Thankfully the Goddess of Gin seems to have had no such issue with distraction; this beautifully presented red gooseberry gin has a wonderful natural sweetness balanced with a refreshing tartness from the berry and citrus botanicals. Made by a true master not a jack of all trades.

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Juniper Berries, Red Gooseberries
Nose:Citrus, Herbal, Juniper, Red Fruit, Toffee
Palate:Citrus, Gooseberry, Herbal, Juniper, Rounded
Finish:Fruity, Herbal, Warm
Daffy's Red Gooseberry Limited Edition Gin

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