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Domaine Tawse Icewine Chardonnay 2013

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Watching Great Comedy
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Nina Simone – Black Gold
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Slushies for Summer
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Apple Pie

The Oddbins Take

You may justifiably be confused by the term ice-wine, after all, wine is typically a liquid. “Perhaps, it refers to the process of freezing a bottle of wine, to turn it into a popsicle, like Dylan Moran in Black Books. Perhaps, it’s frozen wine slushies that grownups purchase to smuggle wine into the cinema.”
Both excellent suggestions but no, this wasn’t a winemaking process conceived of by Graham Linehan. Ice-wine or Eiswein in Germanic countries is the process of letting grapes hang on the vine well into winter, in cold enough regions; such as the Niagara Peninsula in Canada, the water inside the grapes freeze. When these frozen grapes are crushed, they produce a minute amount of liquid, which is unprecedentedly concentrated in sugar, flavour compounds and acidity. The result is one of the most admired, concentrated and expressive desserts wines available.
Domaine Tawse Icewine Chardonnay has a sumptuous palate of tinned peaches, honeyed apricot, key lime and crème brulee, you can turn it into a popsicle if you like, we’d probably just poor it in a glass and pair it with apple pie.

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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Chardonnay (100%)
Domaine Tawse Icewine Chardonnay 2013

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