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Einstok Pale Ale Case of 12

The Experience

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Wintersun – Beyond the Dark Sun
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Cajun Chicken Burger

The Oddbins Take

Do you remember when Iceland volcanoed all over Europe? Planes were grounded, the sun was blocked out by ash and Death, Famine, War and Conquest burst from the sky. No, wait, the last one was the apocalypse. Many people in mainland Europe, with a slight glower on their face thought, "this better be worth it Iceland!" Then the world tasted the beer of Einstok, which is brewed with water filtered by volcanic rock. Then the world thought, "meh what’s a bit of ash when we have unbelievably good beer?" Good on ya' Iceland!

About The Brewery

Einstok Olgerd brewery was founded by Bernard La Borie, Davud Altshuler and Jack Sichterman who stumbled across the purest water in the world. It begins as rain or as glaciers from the Hlioarfjall Mountain and is then naturally purified by ancient lava fields. The three men formed a partnership with the Viking Brewery that had an interest in producing craft beer and is rapidly becoming an established international brand. It takes them nine to twelve months to release new styles as they take the time to find the right ingredients and to brew several versions until they get to the best.

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Beer Style
Pale Ale
Hops:American Hops, Bavarian Hops
Nose:Hoppy, Mild, Toffee
Palate:Hoppy, Malty, Smooth
Finish:Long, Malty
Chocolate, Crystal, Pale

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