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Field Recordings Chenin 2017

The Experience

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Gentrifying Your Vineyard
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Love In October - Viva La Revolución
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Some Billionaires Are Probably Nice
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Pesto & Quinoa Salad

The Oddbins Take

The trouble with winemaking is as soon as a region garners significant acclaim, the billionaires swoop in and start buying up plots of land with the same vigour they buy luxury yachts, Pacific Islands and the silence of the employees that witness their indiscretions (disclaimer* some billionaires are nice). It’s classic gentrification, you’re making wonderful wine, then one day you wake up to find a coffee shop selling £8 ristrettos in the middle of your vineyard and you realise it’s time to move to a new part of town.

It’s a shame as what often happens is the people that are most passionate about the region and most unafraid to experiment have less stake than when the region was unknown. That’s why Field Recordings is such a breath of fresh air. Owned and operated by Andrew Jones who, as a former nursery vine grower, knows the Central Coast of California inside out. The Chenin is a testament to Andrew’s passion and curiosity, made with a grape variety rarely seen in California, it has a crisp refreshing acidity, with notes of lemon zest, white pepper, pistachio ice cream, honeysuckle and a delightful mineral character on the finish.

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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Chenin Blanc (100%)
Field Recordings Chenin 2017

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