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Gipsy Hill Southpaw Amber Ale

The Experience

Drink When...
Watching Boxing
Listen To...
Easy-E – Boyz n the Hood
Think About...
Left Hand Curse
Drink With...
Sticky Duck and Rice Noodles

The Oddbins Take

Usually being left handed sucks; your hand smudges the ink of the thing you've just written and if you live in an Amish community it'll be beaten out of you until left handed behaviour bursts from you in an uncontrolled force, like that supressed magic kid from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them… God that film was a let-down.

However, it can offer a distinct advantage when boxing; take a Southpaw stance and your opponent will never see that left cross coming! This amber ale for Gipsy Hill does a similar thing, hiding behind a restrained abv and a fairly full and complex malt base is an explosive delivery of American hops throwing out flavours of bright tropical fruit, a citric backbone and a herbal finish.

About The Brewery

Nestled at the base of Gipsy Hill in South London, since 2013, Gipsy Hill have been brewing full flavoured, moreish brews of the highest standard. Every decision they make is led by improving quality, pushing innovation and engaging with the community.

Their core beers are available all year round and with a focus on sub-5% abv brews, are the perfect partner for a midweek catch up. Gipsy Hill’s specials on the other hand, are experimental and seasonal brews that push the limits of their knowledge and equipment. In 2018, Gipsy Hill launched a small but progressively expanding barrel project. They only use natural, quality ingredients and take an uncompromising approach to the best brewing process.
Drink it and talk to people.



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Beer Style
Amber Ale
Hops:Cascade, Magnum, Simcoe
Nose:Fruity, Hoppy
Palate:Citrus, Hoppy, Malt, Punchy
Finish:Balanced, Bittersweet, Refreshing
Chocolate, Crystal Malts, Marris Otter Pale, Ruby

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