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H by Hine VSOP Cognac

The Experience

Drink When...
Remembering the 90s
Listen To...
Hadouken! - Levitate
Think About...
What Does the H Stand For?
Drink With...
Fruit Cake
Alter Ego...
H from Steps

The Oddbins Take

They Say

H by Hine is whimsical. If it were a young man, it would have the keen eye of Dick Diver in Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. Adventurous, lively and elegant, it is the ideal sidekick for daring cocktails and a flamboyant soloist when served neat with a dash of cold tonic. Expressive yet discreet, its notes of iris, fresh apricot, acacia and white pepper chime with its sprightly and joyful demeanour. Feels like Coachella in a bottle.

We Say

Lots of fantastic things start with a H; like umm, H from Steps, that 'Tragedy' dance was more influential than Wilde, Tolstoy & Keats combined! However, his name is actually Ian Watkins, which is most confusing. If you do know what the H stands for in Ian Watkins please write to the 1990s and let them know, they’re all terribly concerned. There is, however one H better than even the one in Steps; H by Hine. If we told you it was young, lively, graceful, harmonious and joyful you may well think we’re still discussing Steps but the big difference is in Hine’s longevity. While Hine can linger on the palate for decades you probably haven’t thought about Steps since August of 1999… sorry Ian.

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Nose:Floral, Vanilla
Palate:Floral, Fruity
Finish:Fruity, Medium-Long

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  • H by Hine VSOP
  • H by Hine VSOP Cognac
H by Hine VSOP

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