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Hooded Ram Mosaic Single Hop Pale Ale

The Experience

Drink When...
Making Use Of Your Expensive Education
Listen To...
Rise Against - Re-Education
Think About...
Justinian The Great
Drink With...
Goan Prawn & Coconut Curry

The Oddbins Take

Mosaics are great, they have the phenomenal effect of making any room look like a Roman bathhouse. If it wasn't for the fall of Constantinople in 1453, at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, that might have been a reference to Byzantine mosaics but there we are. Does it really matter if no one remembers Byzantium? There were far too many dudes called stuff like Emperor Constantine the 85th anyway. What does this have to do with beer? Very little but history degrees are expensive so we cram in references to Late Antique Empires where we can.

Mosaics aren't just the kings of art forms, they're also one of the most noble hops. Mosaic hops give beers, such as this from Hooded Ram, a wonderful fruit character while balancing with a defined bitterness. Meticulously brewed, piece by piece, this beer expresses intense tropical fruit aromas. The Rye malt gives a mouth-watering biscuit taste and the tropical fruit aroma lasts after the glass is back on the table.

About The Brewery

In 2010 the Hooded Ram was a twinkle in the eye of founder Rob Storey. By 2013, after a huge amount of research the Hooded Ram Brewing Company was finally born. 2014 saw their very first accolade by winning the CAMRA Award for Little King Louis. In 2015 came more recognition by way of winning the Great Taste Awards. More great taste awards during 2016 with the addition of the extremely prestigious SIBA Wold Beer Awards. 2016 saw an injection of investment by Raj Chatha, necessary for the required expansion of Hooded Ram. In August 2016, the first ever Hooded Ram Pub opened in North Quay, Douglas, Isle of Man. In April 2017, the UK saw the first Hooded Ram Pub open in Wolverhampton. Finally, in July 2017 their new brewery opened at Leigh Terrace, Douglas.



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Beer Style
Pale Ale
Nose:Fresh, Hoppy, Intense Tropical Fruit
Palate:Biscuit, Intense
Finish:Long, Mouth-Watering
IBU Rating: 22/100

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