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Lyrarakis Muscat White 2017

The Experience

Drink When...
Feeling Godly
Listen To...
We Are Scientists – One In, One Out
Think About...
Who Eats Rocks?
Drink With...
Skewered Halloumi Kebabs

The Oddbins Take

Crete is undoubtedly the home of gods. Sometime in between the big bang and the birth of the automated wine aerator (we're not great with dates) Cronus sired several children with Rhea; including Hera, Hades and Poseidon. However, after their birth Cronus promptly ate them, partly because he was a pet gerbil intent on scarring his owner and partly due to his concern that one of his children would overthrow him. Rhea, unsurprisingly, got a bit fed up with this so when she birthed Zeus in Crete, she gave Cronus a rock in a baby-grow that he also ate, thinking it was his new-born son (not the brightest god in Olympia.)

When Zeus was fully grown he confronted Cronus; cutting open his stomach to release his siblings (and the rock baby) then defeated all the other Titans. This was rather tiring work, hence afterwards he wanted to kick back with some good Cretan wine. Luckily for him, Lyrarakis had just bottled their Muscat, and the enticing floral and grapefruit aromas really helped him get over all the patricide.
History's fun ay?

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Bottle Size
Residual Sugar
1 g/l


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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Muscat (75%), Vidiano (25%)
Suitable For Vegetarians
Suitable For Vegetarians
Suitable For Vegans
Suitable For Vegans
Lyrarakis Muscat White 2017

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