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Oddbins Multidrop Delivery Service

Need to send a gift to multiple recipients?

We are specialists in organizing multidrop orders - i.e. separate despatches to more than one recipient. Completing a multidrop order is easy and can be done online by following the below instructions:

1. Log into your Account:

Don’t have one? No problem! (We only require your name and email so it’s fast and painless). Click here to set up your account.

2. Update your Address Book:

Once you are logged in you will have access to various functions including your Address Book (located on the left hand side). Using the post code look up function you can quickly and accurately save as many recipients as you wish to send parcels too.

3. Go Shopping!

Whether it’s the same bottle of wine or a unique item for each person add all of the products to your basket. Don’t worry you will be able to divvy them out later as well as add personalized messages to each. NOTE: Make sure that you add the correct number of items (ie. If you would like to send 20 bottles of the same wine to different people add 20 to your basket).

4. Review and checkout:

Once your basket is all filled up click ‘My Basket’ in the top right corner to review your items. Scroll down to the bottom and choose ‘Check out with multiple addresses’ (see diagram below). Here is where you can assign the products in your basket to the various recipients saved in your address book. Click Continue!

5. Personalize it!

Now that your item's have been allocated accordingly you can add a personalized gift message to each recipient and choose from various shipping options.

6 .Payment:

Last step is the payment. Once you’ve completed your order and passed our security checks, we will give you a call asap to confirm payment details over the phone. Then sit back, and leave the rest to us!


How many addresses can I deliver to?

We can easily accommodate hundreds of address deliveries with one easy order but please contact customer service on 0800 328 2323 and we'll be happy to help set this up.

How much do you charge for multidrop deliveries?

Multidrop deliveries are charged at our normal rates. Normal delivery charges of £4.95 per person per address will apply on all individual gifts under £100 (more below). Delivery of individual gifts of over £100 is free.

What if several drops are for one address?

If you have a number of different postage parcels going to one building, a £4.95 delivery charge will be applied to each (if under £100 value). However if you wish to pack the gifts into one parcel for the attention of a particular member of staff to distribute, a single delivery charge will be applicable (if the total value of these is under £100).

My multidrop has many items - will you have enough stock?

If you are looking to send large quantities, please give us a call on 0800 328 2323 to discuss your exact requirements so that we can ensure stock availability.