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Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

The Experience

Drink When...
Only a Martini will do
Listen To...
007 theme
Think About...
Olive or a twist?
Drink With...
Blinis with fish roe

The Oddbins Take

Right! Grow up! Stop sniggering like a schoolchild because you've seen the word prat. It isn't prat, because it's French. So it's praaaaah. See? Besides, titter as you might, this vermouth is very far from prattish in any sense of the word. A 'prat', the Oxford English Dictionary would have it, is 'an incompetent or stupid person; an idiot.'*

So how could the word 'prat' be associated with an aromatised wine this good, based on Picpoul and Clairette grapes, and infused among other things with Roman Chamomile, Nutmeg from Indonesia and Bitter Orange from Tunisia? Yeah. And Gentian from France. Who's the prat now?

*'Prat' also means 'a person's buttocks.' I bet you didn't know that.

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Picpoul, Clairette
Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

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