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Oddbins No.9

The Experience

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With Joe!
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Molotov Jukebox – Tropical Gypsy
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Teaming Up
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Californian Style Fish Tacos

The Oddbins Take

Our craft beer collaboration series is one of the projects that brings us the most joy in all realms of work, quite a statement when you consider our time is equally divided by attending wine tastings and comparing Donald Trump to a malignant satsuma tumour (Damn, that’s another quid in the ‘Not My Cheeto’ jar).

Oddbins No.9 is unsurprisingly the ninth in this series and for summer 2018, we’ve teamed up with south London based brewery Gipsy Hill, who have canned us a remarkable Session IPA brewed with west coast hops and Californian orange zest.

Gipsy Hill are one of the shinning lights of the London craft beer scene with a core range focused on showcasing how much flavour can be expressed in sub-5%abv beers and a boundary pushing experimental range that sells out faster than they can brew it. Each of Gipsy Hill’s beers features a caricature of someone involved in the project; Oddbins No.9 features Oddbins’ legend Joe who for the past 24 years has solved any problem stores have been able to throw at him and lives by the maxim ‘work hard, play harder!'

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About The Brewery

Founded in 2014, the Gipsy Hill Brewing Company is but a toss of barley away from Crystal Palace's iconic radio masts in south London and is the brainchild of two men who love beer and wanted a change of direction in life. Charlie Shaw had been a journalist and keen home brewer who got some experience of working at the Five Points Brewery in Hackney, while Sam McMeekin's more business-like background was in development funds for Africa. They quickly recruited a head brewer in Simon Wood of the joyously named Piddle Brewery in Dorset and set about making ale with a 15-barrel mash tun and 7 fermenters at a small industrial estate near Charlie's home.



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Hops:Cascade, Centennial, Chinook
Palate:Bitterness, Citrus, Zesty
Maris, Oats, Otter, Wheat

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