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This is our red letter day case. We have a new website, a spring in our step and this is our way of expressing our joy. Knock ‘em dead Albariño? Tick. Velvety, rich St Emilion? Check. Big, big… big Argentinian Malbec? Yarp. Mouth-watering, guava-laden NZ Sauvignon? You bet. A spicy-black fruit-blockbuster Bergerac? Mais oui. Prosecco that tastes like a midsummer evening in a fragrant garden? Mmmm Hmm! Oh, and whilst we’re on a roll, we thought we’d knock £30 off and round it right down to £100. Are we mad? Probably. Are we happy? Very.

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Oddbins Web Launch Case (was £135.32)

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  • Prosecco Treviso Follador Extra Dry

    Old as the hills, the Follador winery. Giovanni Follador first blushingly received the Wine Quality Award from the 'Doge', or Duke, of Venice way back in 1769 and started a rather big, and rather...

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  • Trivento Malbec 2010/11
    The three winds that this winery takes its name from blow across the incredibly sunny and arid hills of Mendoza, providing a relief from the heat. It's great for the vines, which go on to produce...

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  • The Ned Sauvignon Blanc

    When you hear the name Ned, what springs to mind? Stupid sexy Flanders from The Simpsons? Ned Kelly with a bucket on this head? Sean Bean’s sticky end in Game of Thrones? Mr Boulting from the...

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  • Fleur de Thénac Rouge 2015
    Weirdly Thénac is famous for the Lascaux Caves (faded graffiti of fat horses), truffles (a fungus that is a favourite snack for swine but inexplicably costs humans a fortune), foie gras (the...
  • Marieta Albarino 2017 Spanish White Wine

    According to the producers, Marieta is the first semi-dry Albariño ever tasted in the DO Rías Baixas. We cannot categorically confirm the accuracy of this assertion, but what we do...