As much as our cheeky foxes have loved hanging out in Oddbins stores across the country, we’re excited to announce that five of them have been adopted by celebrities and will be put up for charity auction on eBay on December 7.

The stature of the benefactors taking part blew us away, and it’s with great pleasure that we wish to thank Sir Ian Botham, Olivia Colman, Bob Wilson OBE, Greta Scacchi and Henry Blofeld OBE for taking part.

Not only will 100% of the proceeds go to the charity of their choosing, but each star will be hosting an afternoon with the winner of the auction, which will include an expert wine tasting conducted by our head buyer, Ana Sapungiu, and feature some of the gems of Oddbins’ award-winning range.

So: a hand-made woolly fox, a wine tasting, and an afternoon with a legend of screen or sport? Sounds like the perfect Christmas present to us, all while contributing to some outstanding charities that play such a vital role in our society.


Sir Ian Botham OBE & Beefy’s Foundation

 Sir Ian Botham - Oddbins Celebrity Charity Auction

If there’s a list of England’s greatest cricketing XI, then Sir Ian Botham is on it. Supreme with both bat and ball, Sir Ian established himself as one of the game’s best ever all-rounders with 14 centuries and 383 wickets across his career – the most wickets by an English bowler before James Anderson took his 384th earlier this year.

Despite his contribution to English cricket, however, Sir Ian was knighted for his services to charity, including his establishment of Beefy’s Foundation, which funds projects that help young people afflicted by chronic illnesses such as cancer, Batten disease and diabetes. The focus of the charity’s fundraising events is on family fun, and often feature appearances by cricket icons and music legends, like Shane Warne and Eric Clapton.

 Bid here for a chance to win one of our foxes and a wine tasting with Sir Ian Botham OBE.



Olivia Colman & TenderOlivia Colman - Oddbins Celebrity Charity Auction


Olivia Colman has starred in comedy staples like Peep Show, Green Wing and That Mitchell and Webb Look, while her foray into drama was rewarded with the BAFTA TV award for Best Actress for her outstanding role in Broadchurch, Although Olivia is now a three-time BAFTA winner, the awards have merely affirmed her status as one of the most recognised faces on British television.

Since 2013, Olivia has also been a patron of Tender, which uses theatre and the arts to promote healthy and respectful relationships to young people in schools and youth centres across the UK. The charity’s major focus is to challenge the normalisation of violence, and help young people recognise and safeguard themselves from abuse.


Bid here for a chance to win one of our foxes and a wine tasting with Olivia Colman.



Bob Wilson OBE & the Willow Foundation

 Bob Wilson OBE - Oddbins Celebrity Charity Auction

Bob Wilson is an Arsenal FC icon, appearing for the club on over 300 occasions and tending goal in every single League and Cup match of their famous Double in 1971. Even in retirement, Bob remained a prominent figure at the club as their goalkeeping coach until 2003.

Since officially hanging up the gloves, however, Bob has focused his attentions on The Willow Foundation, a charity he established in 1999 in memory of his daughter Anna who died of malignant schwannoma the year before.

The charity organises Special Days for young adults with life-threatening conditions, allowing them to fulfil a childhood dream or just return to normality for a short while. The Willow Foundation has provided 11,500 of these days since its inception, and aims to provide over 1,000 more in 2016.


 Bid here for a chance to win one of our foxes and a wine tasting with Bob Wilson OBE.


Greta Scacchi & CHICKSGreta Scacchi - Oddbins Celebrity Charity Auction


Greta Scacchi is an icon of both stage and screen, garnering worldwide acclaim for her roles in Presumed Innocent, White Mischief and The Player. Greta has received two Emmy nominations throughout her career, winning one of them: the primetime award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role in the TV film, Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.

Greta is also a patron of CHICKS, a national children’s charity that provides free, week-long trips for disadvantaged children suffering from poverty, abuse and bereavement. These kids are in desperate need of a break from home and CHICKS does just that, allowing them to enjoy themselves by the countryside or by the sea (perhaps for the first time) and embark on a wealth of activities like horse-riding and rock-climbing.


Bid here for a chance to win one of our foxes and a wine tasting with Greta Scacchi.



Henry Blofeld OBE & Chance to Shine

Henry Blofeld OBE - Oddbins Celebrity Charity Auction


Henry Blofeld is adored by cricket fans across the world, renowned for his quirky, charming commentary on BBC Radio 4; cricket’s just not cricket without Blower’s insightful narration to accompany it. Henry is a presenter on Test Match Special and has also authored eight books.

It’s unsurprising that Henry has become one of Chance to Shine’s biggest fans considering that the charity teaches children cricket in order to develop their sense of unity and promote respect amongst peers. Since 2005, the charity has taught cricket to over 2.5 million children in over 11,000 schools, especially in inner city areas affected by crime and anti-social behaviour.


Bid here for a chance to win one of our foxes and a wine tasting with Henry Blofeld OBE.