• The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2012

    The Ned Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc
    Fruity, Crisp, Aromatic
    Light Full bodied
    Dry Sweet
  • The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2012

    To celebrate the launch of our new website we considered throwing a parade with floats and a marching band. We thought about holding our own Olympics after LOCOG refused to let us play last year. We wondered about a Spitfire flyby spelling out Oddbins.com across the sky above this glorious nation. We pondered leaking wine trade secrets then hiding in Russia to get some publicity. We even toyed with the idea of dressing our Managing Director up as a penguin. But while you wait to see which one of these ideas cut the mustard, we’ve decided to let the wine do the talking and create some fireworks with a cheeky web exclusive offer. We have just 100 cases of a truly majestic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc called The Ned (sure to have ironic appeal in Scotland). When it’s gone, it’s gone, there are no gimmicks, no trying to trick you into buying two or six bottles, this is our exclusive online price…