The Palate is Oddbins’ search for the UK’s finest amateur wine taster and, for the past three years, it has proved that anyone, regardless of background or training, can taste wine, and that, most importantly, it’s fun!

It takes the form of a series of blind tasting challenges in our shops and at other events up and down the country. The prizes are ridiculously good – previous winners have jetted off to Australia and New Zealand and hundreds of bottles of wine have been won – and they get better each year.

Steve Saunders said on winning The Palate 2014, ‘The Palate has been brilliant. For me, it has really broken down barriers and put a fresh spin on wine tasting.’

And you have been proving your tasting skills in your thousands. Around 5,000 people entered in 2012, doubling to 10,000 in 2013 and, last year, reaching over 21,000 and the quality has astounded us. Whilst females scooped The Palate crown for the first two years, Steve won the title for men everywhere in 2014 to the relief of his Palate judge and mentor, Peter Richards MW.

Have a peek at how tasters have fared in previous years…

Oddbins - The Palate 2012

Fran Evans beats 5,000 hopefuls to scoop the inaugural prize

In June 2012 we launched our search for the UK's finest amateur wine taster. Almost 5,000 of you came out to play. Alas, there could be only one winner.

Oddbins - The Palate 2013 - The Prizes

Chloe Dickson proves once again it's not just a Manz world

The Palate 2013 kicked off in spectacular style at the beginning of June, with 8,136 contestants turning out for our first blind tasting and, once again, you guys were on dazzling form.

Oddbins - The Palate 2014

The Palate 2014 – The Year of the Man

The Palate returned in the summer of 2014, bigger and better than ever before and produced its first ever male winner, Steve Saunders.