Foxed?! Fear not – we love our furry friends and they have instigated a whole load of festive fun. See below for full details of their cunning plans. #WhatTheFox

As you can see from the disturbing footage above, foxes don’t like it when people don’t get into the festive spirit, so with that in mind, we’d like to introduce our four-step plan to FUN:

Name That Fox

The foxes have taken up residence in the windows of each of our shops (which you can find here) to personally ensure that Oddbins customers have a good time, as well as good wine.
But first, they need a name (they don’t bother with names normally, as they can identify each other by their waistcoats, but they thought they’d come in useful at Oddbins).
If you want to bestow the gift of a name on your local fox, then let your local shop know, in-store or on Twitter, for a chance to win an online voucher for £10, or a bottle of wine up to the value of £10. Talking of bestowing gifts…

Crazy Like a Fox

The foxes’ motto is ‘the crazier’ the better and they have come up with a wily way to encourage people to release their inner nutter:

If you are a kind-hearted soul, buying a gift for someone, then the recipient has the chance to win a gift for someone else, on us. In order to win, your recipient has to write a Crazy Like a Fox tasting note to go on

If the foxes deem it crazy enough, let us know if it’s a bottle of red, white or fizz you want to send as a gift, and we’ll do the rest.

Tasting notes should be sent to

Find the Fox

They’re fast, they’re clever and they’re hard to find but, if you do Find The Fox on a bottle of our latest collaboration beer Oddbins No. 6, then you win £20 worth of beer. A Belgian IPA made by yours truly and the Six Degrees North brewery in Aberdeen, No 6 is a brilliant find, fox or no fox!

So keep your tail in the air and your ear to the ground here and on Twitter, using #WhatTheFox for where are foxes are, fantastic things happen.


Winter Brochure

If running around like a headless chicken has left you bereft of energy to match the perfect wine to your turkey stuffing, allow Oddbins to take the reins with this ideas-packed magazine. Think of it as your personal shopper for drinks this winter… Aaaaand relax.



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