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Pecchenino Langhe Nebbiolo 2014

The Experience

Drink When...
You're going to do it anyway
Listen To...
'Misty' - Johnny Mathis
Think About...
It's all about how you feel
Drink With...
Pasta with Wild Boar ragu

The Oddbins Take

Think vineyards, and you think sun-bathed slopes, green canopies, and beautiful views. You'd be right, usually, to imagine that. But not with this wine. Many years ago, heavy fog coincided with harvest. The grapes were perfect, picking was scheduled, and Old Pecchenino was a stickler for ripeness. So he sent his team out despite the fog, or 'nebbia' as it is in Italian.

Picture, therefore, a misty hillside. Picking only by feel. The snip of pruning sheers. The self-contained bump of grapes dropping into wicker baskets... The harvest was brought in on instinct and faith, and rarely was a wine more delicious. So delicious, fresh and aromatic in fact, that from that day the Peccheninos wait for the fog. And only then harvest, on instinct and faith.

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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Nebbiolo (100%)
Pecchenino Langhe Nebbiolo Red Wine

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