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Pinot noir is a sensitive little grape. Notoriously difficult to grow, it is mostly associated with the Burgundy region in France. However, despite it's fragile nature, it is one of the most popular grape varieties going and is grown all over the world to be used in a huge variety of fantastic wines.

From Germany to South Africa, Chile to Romania, New Zealand to France (of course!), we've put this case of light-bodied red wines together as an introduction to pinot noir to show the different styles that can be found across the world.

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Rapaura Springs Pinot Noir 2015   +£13.50
Viña Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir 2015   +£7.50
Manuka Springs Pinot Noir 2016   +£13.00
Yardstick Pinot Noir 2015   +£15.50
Frunza Pinot Noir 2016   +£7.75

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Pinot Noir - Mixed Case of 6 Red Wines

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Pinot Noir - Mixed Case of 6 Red Wines

Pinot Noir - Mixed Case of 6 Red Wines

What's In This Case

  • Rapaura Springs Pinot Noir New Zealand

    Buy any Rapaura Springs wines before 30th October for the chance to win a Luxury Stay for 2 at COMO The Halkin Hotel, London. For full details and T&C's, click

  • Vina Leyda Reserve Pinot Noir Chilean Red Wine 2015

    The Humboldt Current. What can you say? It's a Pacific Ocean current that runs along the coast of Chile that, being an upwelling current, pushes cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of the...

  • Manuka Springs Pinot Noir 2016 New Zealand
    Everyone agreed the old horse-drawn cart was just the vehicle to transport the Pinot grapes from vineyard to winery, but they failed to take into account the antique craftsmanship. The suspension...
  • Yardstick Pinot Noir 2015 Red Wine

    If there is one thing we love more than anachronistic units of measurement, here at Oddbins, it's a good origin story. In 2009, through a conversation with a friend, winemaker Adam Mason realised...

  • Frunza Pinot Noir Romanian Red Wine

    A Pinot Noir, at this price? From Romania? That's got to be rubbish, hasn't it? Or it's got to come with a catch. We have to admit, that's what we thought when we first got this little number in....

  • Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Pinot Noir 2015 Vegetarian Red Wine

    The ridonculously talented Matt Thompson, at Saint Clair, featured on one of our 'Inspire-themed posters, saying 'I became a winemaker because, as a wine drinker, I needed to find a way to make it...