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Pressure Drop - Parachute Pale Ale

The Experience

Drink When...
On Firm Ground
Listen To...
Parquet Courts – Back to Earth
Think About...
A Good Head Wind
Drink With...
Sea Bass Curray

The Oddbins Take

It takes a lot of guts to jump out of a plane, plenty would consider you insane, announcing condescendingly "it's called terminal velocity for a reason, don't you know?" (To be fair, all the cool kids make physics puns.) They just don't get it, there is nothing more elating than letting go and giving into gravity.

It's a similar sensation to taking a risk on a new beer style. The rush of tropical aromas from the Ekuanot, HBC431 & Citra hops, the exhilaration from the smooth, juicy mouthfeel and the sense of satisfaction as the long, lingering finish brings you gently back to earth. Perhaps stick to Parachute from Pressure Drop, all the excitement of trying something new, without having to get into a light aircraft.

About The Brewery

Pressure Drop was formed in 2012 by Graham, Sam and Ben, who describe themselves as three blokes in a railway arch doing lots of cleaning and trying to make the tastiest beers they can. The guys started brewing in the Summer of 2012. Having been inspired by breweries such as The Kernel, Redemption, Buxton Brewery and Magic Rock, they started experimenting with a 50 litre pilot kit in Graham's garden shed. The idea was to start small and build up from there.

Throughout the summer, they tried out a lot of recipes and, with trial and error, began to build a solid core of recipes. As autumn 2012 began approaching, they realised that they should be making a move from Graham's shed and found a small unit in Stoke Newington.

By January 2013, Pressure Drop had sold their first beer and interest in the brewery has been growing ever since!



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Beer Style
Pale Ale
Hops:Citra, Ekuanot

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