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Prosecco Ca'Rosa

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A fabulously fun and fruity off-dry number, this classic Italian fizz has become adored by Latin lovers for its soft mousse, or bubbles. It offers a delightfully fruity nose, followed by flavours of apricot and soft peach, with a refreshing yet gloriously flavourful finish.

Less 'flinty' than cava or many Champagnes, this makes for a gorgeous celebratory tipple or aperitif in its own right.

DOC Prosecco
Non Vintage
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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Glera (100%)
Light, Not Too Dry
Prosecco Ca'Rosa Sparkling Wine

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  1. Prosecco Ca' Rosa Gift Set


    In stock

    Prosecco - Gift Set

    As low as: £14.00

    Totally impossible to go wrong here. Prosecco is the nation's darling sparkler and this is our most loved Prosecco. Ergo this is the best of the best and a perfect way to say.. well.. just about anything!

  2. From Italy With Love - Triple Bottle Gift Set


    In stock

    From Italy With Love - Triple Bottle Gift Set

    As low as: £33.30

    Italy practically invented love, so if you're floundering around, looking for inspiration, then look no further. The country of La Dolce Vita, Sophia Loren and gondola rides has the answer and it's packaged up here in this trio of vini Italiano. There's an intoxicatingly light and fragrant Prosecco, a nuanced, citrussy Pinot Grigio and a dazzling, dark cherry-laden red. Naturalmente.
  3. Prosecco Party - Mixed Case of 6 Sparkling Wines


    In stock

    Prosecco Party - Case of 6 Sparkling Wines

    We feel the best celebrations are those that are spontaneous. Your sister bursts through the door with a big ol' rock on her finger and a newly appointed fiancée on her arm or your application to visit the international space station has finally been approved by Elon Musk. Whatever it is, it's important to be prepared with a bottle or two of everyon's favourite Italian Sparking wine whenever you might need it!
  4. A Taste of Italy - Case of 6 White Wines


    In stock

    A Taste of Italy - Case of 6 White Wines


    Us Brits all enjoy a nice drop of prosecco on a Friday night, and of course there's our old friend Pinot Grigio. But Italy has so much more to offer in terms of white wines! We've put this little selection together to help you freshen up your collection with some familiar varieties, whilst discovering some new ones too.

    (Don't panic. We've still put a bottle of your favourite bubbly in too!)