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Ricard Pastis Aperitif

The Experience

Drink When...
Listen To...
Je t’Aime Moi Non Plus by Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg
Think About...
Oui, je t’aime!
Alter Ego...
Brigitte Bardot

The Oddbins Take

They Say

Ricard is the world's best-selling aniseed-based spirit. Thanks to its inimitable taste and unique processing, this pastis has become the aperitif market leader. It was created in 1932, in Marseilles, by Paul Ricard, who declared that ‘Ricard will be the true Pastis de Marseille’. Served one part Ricard to five parts water, it was the first French-style long drink. Made with Chinese star anise, liquorice root and Provençal ‘garrigue’ it is a refreshing, aniseed-laden tipple, delicious served long or short.

We Say

‘Un Ricard sinon rien!’ (a Ricard or nothing!) went the advertising slogan in the 1980s and, if you love anise and want refreshment, we rather agree. Alter Ego: Brigitte Bardot; totally iconic, with timeless Gallic appeal. Distinctive and beautiful, it has Gained a loyal following and continues to enjoy Serges (?!) of popularity.

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Herbal Liqueur
Nose:Grassy, Liquorice, Pungent Anise
Palate:Bone Dry, Herbal, Rich Anise, Soft Liquorice
Finish:Herbal Liquorice, Lingering, Long
Ricard Pastis Spirit Aperitif

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