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Rolling Shiraz 2015

The Experience

Drink When...
Voting With Your Feet
Listen To...
Billy Bragg - Between The Wars
Think About...
Centrist Dad Jokes
Drink With...
Lamb Kofta

The Oddbins Take

In the early 1980s people discovered the virtue of the Central Rangers. What would they be? You might rightly enquire. Well, political figures named Tony, Dave & Nick dawned in tight red, blue & yellow body suits mightily morphed their supposedly opposing parties into one giant amorphous blob of political apathy, intent on fighting the evils of Lord Zedd. That was the idea anyway but then there was some lying about uranium, some referendums and some student voters in Sheffield Hallam. After all that turmoil and well, incompetence the Central Rangers thought they better turn their hand to something else. They mighty morphed one more time and became the largest cool climate wine growing region in Australia. It appeared what the Central Rangers lacked in political aptitude they made up for in aiding Debbie Lauritz ripen the grapes for this incredible Shiraz; delivering a generous forest fruit flavoured palate with subtle spice and well-integrated use of oak.

It turns out the region is called Central Ranges not Central Rangers, please disregard all previous information.
No political figures were physically harmed in the making of this tasting note... Just their feelings.

New South Wales
Best Drunk Now & Over the Next 3 Years
Bottle Size
Residual Sugar
6 g/l


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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Syrah / Shiraz (100%)
Rolling Shiraz 2016 - Australian Red Wine

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