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Cognac and Armagnac are both produced in France from white wine grapes. They are perfect to drink at the end of a meal in a warm glass with a spot of cream. Not something we would suggest gulping due to the strong, heavy nature of the spirit. Cognac is more well known and it may surprise many that Armagnac has been around well before it ever hit the market.

We appreciate that purchasing a bottle of brandy is corresponding to a fine wine; some are marvelous, while others resemble moonshine or white lightning. We can assure you that our selection has been especially selected by our buyers to ensure we only the finest quality products

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  • Baron De Sigognac 20 Year Old Brandy 70cl

    Baron de Sigognac 20 Year Old



    The Guasch family has experience of making Cognanc that dates back as far back as the 12th century and their vineyard...
  • Baron De Signognac VS Armagnac 70cl Spirit

    Baron de Sigognac VS Armagnac



    This entry-level Armagnac, from the premier region of the Bas Armagnac, was aged for over two years in oak and boasts...
  • Baron De Signognac VSOP Armagnac 70cl Brandy

    Baron de Sigognac VSOP Armagnac

    Now £31.00

    Was £36.00


    This is a judiciously made, balanced Armagnac from the heart of the Bas Armagnac region, that has developed a raft of...
  • H by Hine VSOP

    H by Hine VSOP Cognac

    Now £41.00

    Was £45.00


    Lots of fantastic things start with a H; like umm, H from Steps, that 'Tragedy' dance was more influential than Wilde...
  • Martell VS Cognac 70cl Brandy

    Martell VS Cognac

    Now £27.00

    Was £32.00


    Prepared using eaux-de-vie and aged for two years on average. Martell VS is a bright, young cognac. Light gold in col...
  • Remy Martin Mature Cask VSOP 70cl Brandy

    Rémy Martin Mature Cask VSOP



    This characterful expression of Rémy Martin VSOP comes from the finishing period of the eaux-de-vie that takes...

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6 Item(s)