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Diplomatico Distillery

Diplomático’s story began in Venezuela in 1959 when the distillery that produces all its rums was established. Sat at the foot of the Andes Mountains, and nearby the Terepaima National Park, the distillery is in an ideal location for creating premium rum. Warm days, cool nights and high humidity, in combination with fertile soils and pure water, are key to growing high quality sugar canes and fermenting and ageing Diplomático’s award-winning rums.

The company has recognition for its environmental awareness. As well as arranging beach cleans and tree planting, the distillery has created an ecological treatment process that converts residual water into sugar cane organic fertiliser. They have also developed the capacity to recycle 100% of their solid waste. Pretty impressive!

But “who is the man on the label?” you ask. His name is Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez and we challenge to you try saying that five times after a few tots. The stories say that Don Juancho lived near the area where the distillery is located at the end of the 19th. With a burning passion to learn about the processes behind the flavours of traditional beverages, particularly rum, he sampled an extensive selection of exotic liquors from his travels across the Caribbean. His collection became famous among his social circles and became known as “The Ambassador’s Reserves,” a reference to its owner’s sheer class and good nature.

Made with dedication, authenticity and unmistakable character, Diplomático rum is the absolute essence and soul of the man on its label.

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    Meticulously distilled in ancient copper pot stills from the purest sugar cane honeys, and aged for up to 12 years in...

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