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Tempest Elemental Dark Ale Case of 12

The Experience

Drink When...
In Unison
Listen To...
My Latest Novel - I Declare a Ceasefire 
Think About...
When Shakespeare Met Sherlock
Drink With...
Dark Chocolate

The Oddbins Take

To achieve greatness, you often need a collaboration of two distinct ideas. Look at Sherlock Holmes, he had a manic genius but he sure needed Dr Watson to dampen some of his more eccentric qualities. The same with Tempest, Scotsman Gavin brews beers with an approach to flavour that was greatly influenced from his time as a chef and New Zealander Anika has greatly influenced the use of New Zealand hops in their beers. The result is a classically smooth, roasted porter, yet with freshness and a spicy finish from the hops. It’s all about balance, it’s Elemental my dear Watson.

About The Brewery

The Tempest adventure began when founders, Scotsman Gavin and New Zealander Annika, met working in a brewpub in British Colombia at the end of the 90's. It was here they found their inspiration, with Gavin working as a chef and seeing the kind of beers being produced there that just didn't exist back in Scotland. As he says, it was his "Wow, here we go" moment when he realised that he could be brewing beers that could be held to the same lofty standards as his food.

With that, their journey took them to NZ where they built a kit in their garage, and learned everything from scratch. It was there that Gavin first brewed their flagship pale ale Long White Cloud. With his creative flair and sharp mind for flavour profiles, the beers were tasting great and that gave them the drive to go even further. After another trip, taking them to Gavin's homeland, they poured their efforts into a gastropub (The Cobbles) in Kelso whilst looking for the perfect home for their brewery.

Having gained a high reputation, after 3 years they found a space in an old Kelso dairy and founded the Tempest Brewing Co in April 2010. From there they went from strength to strength brewing exciting, innovative beers, and people all over Scotland couldn't get enough! Even after a makeshift expansion to 16HL they realised that they needed a bit more space to keep up. In February 2015, they moved to a 30HL brewery in Tweedbank, in the Scottish Borders. They got a bottling line, new tanks, new team members, and it's allowed them to continue doing what they do best on a larger scale.

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Beer Style
Hops:Bramling Cross, British, New Zealand
Nose:Hoppy, Spice
Palate:Balanced, Bitter, Malty, Smooth, Velvety
Finish:Rich, Robust
Golden Promise, Munich, Oats, Pale, Rye
IBU Rating: 50/100

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