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Tempest Mexicake Spiced Imperial Stout Case of 12

The Experience

Drink When...
Going With the Flow
Listen To...
Villalobos Brothers – Hasta Morir
Think About...
Fear and Loathing
Drink With...
Vanilla Ice Cream

The Oddbins Take

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say, “I have no idea what’s going on but it’s cool, I’m going with the flow.” That was Hunter S. Thompson’s approach to pretty much his entire life and Johnny Depp played him in two films! That’s also our approach to this beer, this an Imperial Stout brewed with ingredients of a traditional Mexican dessert; cinnamon, vanilla beans, cocoa, Mulato chillies and Chipotle. Hands up, we don’t understand why it works but it’s awesome, in fact, it won a Gold Medal for Best Speciality Beer at the Scottish Beer Awards.  Grab a bottle, lay back and let the fiesta envelope you.    

About The Brewery

The Tempest adventure began when founders, Scotsman Gavin and New Zealander Annika, met working in a brewpub in British Colombia at the end of the 90's. It was here they found their inspiration, with Gavin working as a chef and seeing the kind of beers being produced there that just didn't exist back in Scotland. Their journey took them to NZ where they built a kit in their garage, and learned everything from scratch. It was there that Gavin first brewed their flagship pale ale Long White Cloud. From there, they returned to Gavin's homeland and went from strength to strength brewing exciting, innovative beers, and people all over Scotland couldn't get enough!

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Beer Style
Hops:American Hops, Columbus
Nose:Cinnamon, Cocoa, Vanilla
Palate:Chillies, Roast, Smooth, Velvety, Warming
Caramel, Chocolate, Golden Promise, Munich, Oats, Roasted Barley
IBU Rating: 70/100

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