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The Winery of Good Hope

The Winery of Good Hope combines the mastery of traditional winemaking methods with modern environmental and ethical practices in the prestigious region of Stellenbosch in South Africa. The winery champions a no frills approach, refusing to cut corners or even enter competitions while producing some of the best wine in the country.

Laurent Perrier

The origins of Laurent Perrier trace back to over two centuries ago when it quickly became known for signature freshness, lightness and elegance. This distinguished champagne house has since become a cornerstone of the champagne industry, exporting to 147 countries around the globe.

Tenuta Ciccheri

Giancarlo Ruffo first bought a property in the region so he and his family could escape the city every once and a while. But, enchanted by the gentle slopes of the Val d’Illasi, Giancarlo decided to plant up some vines and see what wine the gorgeous landscape could produce; and thus Tenuta Chicceri was born. The winery has become renowned for its red wines but its selection of white and sparkling are also divine.

Belmond (cookery school)

Les Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire was the first restaurant established by celebrated chef Raymond Blanc OBE, and has unsurprisingly held two Michelin stars since its first year of opening. A luxury hotel was soon built on the stunning, neighbouring grounds, followed by a cooking school that has attracted budding chefs from around the world for over two decades.

Armit Wines

John Armit’s career began sticking labels on wine bottles. Seven years later, however, John had become Managing Director of the same company but cut from a different cloth. With his unusual, personal style, John believed in visiting the wineries themselves to pick the best wines available and discover the newest trends in winemaking. This same philosophy continued when John founded what is now Armit Wines – a premier firm specialising in managing wine portfolios for private clients around the globe.


Dourthe has become synonymous with reliable, innovative wine from Bordeaux. Throughout its illustrious history, the winery has held the title of best wine company in this prestigious region, most notably setting the benchmark for dry, white wine. Today, the company is constantly expanding and treating each new venture as on opportunity to set the bar even higher.

Manz Wine

Critics warned Andre Manz that choosing the Jampal grape as the basis for his first winery was not only unusual, but would surely lead him to ruin because of the grape’s infamously low output. Luckily for us, however, Andre persevered and shocked the industry with a series of sensationally unique vintages that also managed to maintain the intense floral aromas and fruity flavours of typical Portugese blands.


Sandeman has been a pioneer of the wine and sherry industry since the late 1700s, expanding into an empire constantly looking to innovate and inspire. A year ago, Sandeman was selling twenty-one bottles every minute, sharing the best of Spanish wine with the rest of the world.

Willunga 100

The founders of Willunga 100 were disappointed in the lackluster Australian wines available in the UK and decided they could do it better themselves. Their winery was soon established in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia, challenging iconic brands by bringing premium Australian wine into the mainstream at good value for everyone to enjoy.


Zensa is a growing force in the wine industry, hailing from the sun-kissed region of Salento, Italy. Although the south of the country is not generally associated with red wine, Zensa has been turning heads with its full-bodied and rich vintages.