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Umbrella Ginger Beer

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Cloudy, Fiery & Alcoholic. Umbrella Brewing have crafted a fiery ginger beer with flavours of rich molasses, supported by a balance of sharp citrus and subtle hints of malt. The bottles display a range of different labels, and may differ from the one that is shown.

This Ginger Beer contains only natural ingredients that create a natural sediment in the drink. The sediment is the root of the unique fiery flavour - in order to properly enjoy the drink, gently turn the bottle over before opening and serving chilled.

About The Brewery

Umbrella Brewing are in independent brewery based in Holloway, North London. Their mission is to create the best alcoholic ginger beer on the market. Craft beer brewers often advise their consumers not to agitate the beer bottle before drinking because the sediment inside is made up mostly of yeast that will affect the taste of the beer. Umbrella, however, take a different approach. They use a fine filter to remove all the yeast from the beer, so any sediment that remains is entirely made up of pressed ginger roots. That's why they advise you to turn the bottle before drinking - to wake up the ginger!



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Beer Style
Ginger Beer
Nose:Light, Soft, Spice
Palate:Bold, Spicy, Tangy, Warming
Finish:Crisp, Dry, Refreshing

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