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Weingut Wageck Fundament 'Green Label' Riesling 2018

The Experience

Drink When...
You want to get together
Listen To...
Louis Armstrong - When you're smiling
Think About...
Fancy a nice bite?
Drink With...
Marinated quail

The Oddbins Take

They say opposites attract. And attraction is the basis of love. The fundament, you could say. It's perhaps fitting then that Frau Wageck was so different from her husband. He was thickset and hirsute; she was all angles. Knobbly knees and cheekbones you could serve cheesecake with. However, she was incredibly goofy.

She was so goofy, in fact, that her teeth didn't meet and she found eating increasingly difficult. Dentistry in Pfalz not being very advanced, Frau Wageck turned to the winery. Could they help? Of course! They made a Riesling as structured as she was, with the same up front fruitiness. But they underpinned all that with zippiness that soon had her sucking her teeth back in! Problem solved.

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Light Full bodied
Dry Sweet
Riesling (100%)
Wageck Riesling 'Green Label' 2016 German White Wine

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