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Whiskey Liqueurs

Picture the scenario; you walk into a bar and order a whisky liqueur and someone sat opposite decides to give you stick. Do you, A) Go loco on their ass; or, B) Tell them that whisky liqueurs have been around a lot longer than some people think, with the likes of brose and Drambuie and are becoming increasingly popular in the spirit industry owing to their delicious nature?

Good for you if you answered B, although, if you chose A, before you start swinging again, why not take the chance to explain to the fellow how he’s missing out on a whole world of joy? For example, did they know that by infusing honey into your whisky – as Jack Daniels, Jim Bean and Bushmills all do – you can create a heavenly, golden nectar that could calm the nerves of even the most hardened whisky liquor-sceptics.

Although perhaps, with its natural flavours of vanilla and toffee, you feel that these whiskeys need more of a sour accompaniment. Enter the Red Stag Kentucky style Bourbon, which offers all the natural mellow oakiness of their traditional bourbon but is accentuated by the pleasantly black cherry flavours, giving you that swift kick up the backside, really getting your attention. Speaking of which, if you haven’t convinced that person opposite to try out these amazing whisky liqueurs by now, then may we suggest you give ‘em hell slugger!

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