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Johnnie Walker dates to 1820 when, following the death of his father, young John Walker set up shop as a grocer in Kilmarnock. It was common at the time for a grocer to stock a line of single malt whiskies but unfortunately consistent quality wasn't quite so common. John had the idea to blend the malts together so his whisky tasted great every time and soon became a hit.

It was under the charge of John's son, Alexander, that the brand began to go global in 1857. He launched their first commercial blend, 'Old Highland Whisky', and made the move to ship the whisky wherever ships could sail. Before long, Alexander employed the use of the famous square bottles to reduce breakages. The distinctive slanted label, angled at 24 degrees, was also used to make the bottles stand out more.

Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label were born in 1909 when Alexander's sons, Alexander II and George, had the idea to name their new range of whiskies after the colours of the labels. This was also around the time that Tom Browne, a leading young illustrator, sketched an idea for a logo on the back of a menu during a lunch. The now infamous 'Striding Man' was adopted immediately.

On 1st January 1934, King George V granted John Walker & Sons was granted a Royal Warrant to supply whisky to the royal household. They continue to hold a Royal Warrant to this day.

Today, Johnnie Walker is recognised as the biggest whisky brand in the world. Its slogan is seen as an encouragement for progress, an expression of optimism and, they argue, 'the best piece of advise you’re ever likely to hear'.

Keep Walking.

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  • Johnnie Walker 'Ryder Cup' - Premium Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl

    Johnnie Walker 'Ryder Cup' - Premium Blended Scotch Whisky



    The blending of Johnnie Walker Blue takes place in rare casks, hand-selected for their excellence and celebrates the ...
  • Johnnie Walker Odyssey Premium Blended Scotch whisky

    Johnnie Walker & Sons 'Odyssey' - Premium Blended Scotch Whisky

    Now £599.00

    Was £729.00


    The recipe is based on notes made by Sir Alexander Walker (grandson of the founder John "Johnnie" Walker). Beautifull...

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