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Lorna - Manager, Hyndland

About Lorna

Lorna, manager of Oddbins Hyndland, has been with Oddbins for 6 years. Like many of our staff she has a great pedigree in the food and wine industry having worked both as a chef and as a cheesemonger prior to joining the company. She has recently returned from a tour of some of the finest houses of the Champagne region - Lanson, Besserat, Laurent Perrier - so is also the person whose ear to bend if you fancy some bubbly. Lorna is studying for her WSET Advanced (Wine) examinations and like most Oddbins staff members has an eclectic range of interests. If you think this just sounds like a typical woolly corporate comment, we mean that Lorna studied a blend of Voodoo and Shamanism in Guatemala whilst styudying for her undergraduate dissertation... So she may also be the person to consult if you're trying to settle feud.


  • heaven

    All time greats

    Pol Roger 2002. Rich, creamy, complex and mind blowingly good. In fact the 2002 vintage is being hailed in the Champagne region as the best vintage in over 70 years.
  • Wine Heaven

    Wine Heaven

    Quinta dos Roques - This exceptional wine from Portugal is best described as a cross between a big juicy Australian Shiraz and a spicy Spanish Tempranillo. Adds a bit of finesse to any BBQ.
  • Wine Hell

    Wine Hell

    Super market 'special offers'... Half the time you end up pouring it down the sink.

Lorna's Drinking:

McManis Chardonnay. This Californian Chardonnay flies out of our door. Think ripe pineapple, peach and Creme Brulee. More elegant than most big Australian Chardonnays as it is aged in stainless steel and small amounts of French oak. Best served chilled with spit-roast chicken, tzatziki, and salad. A couple of other personal favourites include FP Branco 2012 - an astoundingly good white from Portugal and, as the cooler weather approaches, Valpolicella Ripasso Ca'Rosa.

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  • Quinta Dos Roques 2016 Red Wine Portugal

    Quinta dos Roques 2016



    Wine or maths? Not a difficult question, is it? We don't mind some algebra, fractions or long division occasionally, ...

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