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Anselmo Mendes is a leading winemaker from the Portugese winery Anselmo Mendes Vinhos. A wide range from this wine maker is available from Oddbins Wine Merchants.

Winemaker at Anselmo Mendes Vinhos

How old are you?



Do you live on site?


Does your family help out?

Yes they do.My wife works in Admnistration and the Financial department. My brother works with me in Viticulture and Enology.


What is your favourite and least favourite part of the wine making process?

My favorite part is the fermentation because it is in this process that the big transformation of the must in wine happens.

I don't have any least favourite part. I like everything from the grape to the wine.

Do you use any quirky techniques?

Yes I have. I make a wine called Curtimenta which ferments with the skin of the grape. This process is similar to red wine's. This is an old process adapted with new technology.

Have you always made wine? What would you do if you didn't make wine?

I've made wine all my life because I come from a farmer's family and it has been a family tradition through generations. I've always been interested in this kind of production, so I decided to study agronomy and enology.

What is your favourite grape to work with and why?

Alvarinho because it is the most widely cultivated grape in the region where I was born.


What's the best wine you've ever tasted?

Porto Vintage 1945 Borges


Anselmo Mendes

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