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Ben Glaetzer

Winemaker and Owner of Glaetzer Wines

What inspires you to make wine?

The challenge of going head to head with Mother Nature and winning….sometimes!

Who inspired/inspires you to make wine?

I get inspiration from those who savour the flavours of our wines

Can you sum up your winery in three words?

Pride, Perseverance, Passion.

What are the things you love the most and dislike the most about the winemaking process? 

Love the essence of creation, dislike rain in March.

What is your favourite music/song/artist to make wine to? 

This varies markedly, at this time of year it’s blending time so Bon Iver, specifically Bon Iver at Air Studios

Is there anything else that you’d like to say about you / your wine/ the winery that might surprise us?

Plenty but not necessarily in a good way!!!


Ben Glaetzer Nosing a wine

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