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Philippe Caraguel

Winemaker at Bodega Atamisque

How old are you?


Do you live on site?


Does your family help out?

No, they are not involved in the business

What pets does the winery have?

YES, there is a dog ; "Ana" and some horses.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of the wine making process?

My favourite parts are watching the ripening process of the grapes and the ageing process of the wine in barrels (in both case you try to guess the potential of the wine). I don't have a least favourite part!

Do you use any quirky techniques?

Not really. But I have a great respect for the raw materials (grape) with manual harvest, double sorting of grapes, cold maceration previous to fermentation, wine movements by gravity....

Have you always made wine? What would you do if you didn't make wine?

Yes, I always worked in the wine making. I studied Agronomical Engineering in Argentina and in Montpellier (Master in Oenology and Viticulture - France). I used to work for two years in France at the beginning and went back to Argentina to work with local wineries until 2006 when we started the buiding of Bodega Atamisque.
If I didn't make wine I would travel with my family...

What is your favourite grape to work with and why?

Malbec. Because it gives a very intense wine.

What's the best wine you've ever tasted?

The one I will make at the next harvest!

What is the best music to make wine to?

A piece of Tango plaid by Astor Piazolla

Philippe Caraguel

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