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Greek Wines

It might sound like an unusual thing to say about a country with 6,500 years of winemaking history, but we think that Greek wine is the future...

The odds may appear heavily stacked against this. Most Greek wine is made from obscure grape varieties that are near impossible to pronounce, especially after a glass of wine. Winemaking is on a comparatively small scale, which means that there are few brands large enough to do the ambassadorial legwork needed to crack the UK market. Modernisation has been rather slow, you may have heard about a spot of economic trouble over there and then there’s the love/hate relationship with Retsina.

But don’t forget, the Greeks introduced winemaking to Italy and the Romans then took it to France, so the two largest wine producing countries in the world effectively have Hellenic heritage (don’t tell them that though). Greece has hidden strengths. Our bestselling wine is Portuguese and made from weird grape varieties, so maybe this isn’t a hindrance. We think it makes a nice change from the usual suspects like Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc. Who cares if the names are difficult to say if they are easy to drink, right? Small scale production means these wines are unique and boutique and their survival through the economic tumult is proof of their quality. And finally we have it on good authority that mighty Greek vines are being planted in Australia, as winemakers there think these hardy grapes are the future with climates rising.

Not sure what to expect? Well, our Greek wines combine the food friendliness of Southern Italians with the rustic charm of the Portuguese. If you still need convincing after all that, remember that the god of wine, Dionysus, is Greek. Now there’s a weighty endorsement.

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