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The 1980s is a much maligned decade. But it wasn’t all bad. Yes, there were acid-washed jeans, but there was also Quantum Leap and Airwolf. OK, that didn’t help, did it? In the UK, the 1980s may not have been the golden age of fashion, but the great value for money offered by Romania’s Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon meant it was the golden age of Romanian wine. Unfortunately a bloody revolution and a downward economic spiral all but destroyed the dream. But Romanian wines are back. As one of the largest wine producing nations in the world and with a winemaking history dating back of 6000 years, these wines should not be underestimated. The great thing, that hasn’t changed since the 1980s, is that Romanian wine still punches well above its price bracket.

And as a final thought, the 1980s also gave birth to the internet. And here you are browsing Romanian wine on the web, have we gone full circle?

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  • Issa Chardonnay Barrique 2017

    Issa Chardonnay Barrique 2017

    Now £13.18

    Was £15.50


    As the name of Salina winery may suggest, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Turda salt mine. It has always ...
  • Issa Pinot Noir 2017

    Issa Pinot Noir 2017

    Now £14.40

    Was £18.00


    For a long time, the beautiful town of Transylvania was troubled by an obnoxious coven of vampires. These were Bram Stok...
  • Lechburg Feteasca Regala 2017

    Lechburg Feteasca Regala 2017



    Deep in the forest of Transylvania, a beautiful maiden lay imprisoned by an internet troll, up the tallest tower of the ...
  • Lechburg Riesling 2018

    Lechburg Riesling 2018



    Like the epic poem Beowulf, Alfred the Great and a certain English heavy metal band from the 80s, this wine has a decide...
  • La Plage White 2017

    Rasova La Plage White 2017

    Now £11.25

    Was £12.50


    Some of the greatest collaborations are those that seem utterly bizarre. Take 'Beyond the Fridge,' by all accounts Peter...
  • Rasova Tortuga Red 2015

    Rasova Tortuga Red 2015

    Now £22.50

    Was £25.00


    We all need our own place of refuge, in Pirates of the Caribbean this was the island of Tortuga, where pirates could be ...

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6 Item(s)