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Sekiya Brewery Co.

ENTER Sake is a boutique sake selection curated by world-renowned musician and DJ Richie Hawtin. Richie has been a devoted sake connoisseur since 1994, when he first travelled to Japan. Since then, his efforts in promoting the drink abroad have earned him the Advanced Sake Professional Certification. In 2014 Richie was also made an official Sake Samurai by the Japanese Sake Brewers Association (yes, it's a real thing!)

Sake is a core part of Richie's ENTER. events, which he uses to introduce young audiences to new cultural experiences. He created Europe's largest Sake bar, ENTER. Sake, inside his now dormant residency at Space in Ibiza which is stocked with special sakes not available anywhere else outside Japan. Now, he is making this selection more widely available across the globe.

ENTER.Sake Black is made at the family-run Sekiya Brewery Co. in Kitashitara-gun. Located in a mountain valley pass nestled in the Japanese Alps between Nagoya and Nagano, this now state-of-the-art sake brewery was first established in 1864 to cater for thirsty travellers crossing the mountains. Today, Takeshi Sekiya is the president of the Brewery, and also President of the Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Counsel. In recent years, he has bought 22 hectares of rice farms from local retiring farmers and converted the land, that would otherwise fall fallow, into sake rice farms. This not only keeps an ancient tradition alive in Aichi prefecture, but also allows the brewery to have more control over the exact varieties of rice they use to achieve the flavour profile and purity they strive for with their sake.

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  • ENTER. Sake Black Cup - 180ml

    ENTER. SAKE Black Cup

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    Single-serving, ready-to-drink sake cups were first introduced in Japanese pop culture for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Unti...

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