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Loimer Winery, Austria

Loimer winery may be a laid back bunch, but they take their winemaking very seriously. They believe that there's always room to make things better; more natural, gentle, truthful and pure. With this idea in mind, they have been operating all of their own vineyards strictly organically since 2006, using methods inspired by the natural scientist Rudolph Steiner. Although this approach has brought them some criticism, they believe it is the best approach to make great quality wines whilst staying in harmony with the natural soils, plants, animals and people.

Fred Loimer belongs to the Respekt community, an association of winemakers who share an ideal that demands the best possible quality from their wines but also in the way it is produced. Featuring the Respekt logo on his wine labels shows that they are not only recognised as organic according to European Union Law, but they also follow the more rigorous guidelines set out by Respekt.

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling make up more than three quarters of the grapes grown in the Loimer vineyards and they are the leading varieties in the Kamptal region, where they are able to naturally thrive. Only these two varietals are allowed to be bottles at Kamptal DAC wines.

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