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Alexander Gysler began his winemaking career in 1992 working across two German wineries, where he honed his now prolific skills in using sustainable winemaking practices. After this, he decided he required a greater understanding of the theory of viticulture and vinification so began studying in Geisenheim in 1995. During his years of study his father, Gernot Gysler, fell seriously ill and so Alexander took on the duties of the family winery along with his university work.

In 1999, when his father unfortunately passed, Alexander took control of the winery and initially worked with very conventional winemaking practices, as his father before him had done. His early vintages were fermented with cultured yeasts, at cold temperatures, in an international style. However, after a few years he came to the realisation that his wines were the same year on year, like an industrial product. Thus, he changed to organic farming in 2004, in part because he wanted to make wine that was more representative of the regions terroir and partly because this was the year his first child was born, and he didn’t want to expose his child to herbicides or pesticides. A year later he converted to Demeter and is now enjoying his natural wines and vineyards. His wines have a purity and intensity that would suggest his biodynamic practices has paid dividend.

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