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Oddbins Winemakers

Who are the winemakers behind some of the deliciousness in our shops? What are their interests? What music do they listen to? Do they have animals and children running around the vineyard? What drives them on and what really does their head in? Have they had a passion to make wine since they were a twinkle in their father’s eye, or did they fall into it? We often wonder about the people behind the bottles and we’ve discovered that you’re pretty curious yourselves.

We have, therefore, been posing slightly ridiculous questions to producers the world over to get the inside story and, to our delight, they are an eclectic, colourful bunch and no two answers are the same. There are vineyard pets including a herd of Charolais cattle, a winemaker who would’ve been Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in another life and winery music from Bjork to Tango to children practicing guitar.

So, without further ado, come and meet the winemakers…
  • Philippe Caraguel
  • Arnaud Bourgeois
  • Marcelo Retamal
  • Alessio Del Savio
  • Dennis Hill
  • Giorgio Barbero
  • Stefan Gerber
  • Anthony Hamilton Russell
  • Wendy Killeen
  • Anselmo Mendes
  • Jan Klein
  • Ruben Suarez Perez
  • Alex Dale
  • Ben Glaetzer
  • Andrew Blake
  • Marta Gallego
  • Philippe Germain
  • Glenn Thomas

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