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Wiper & True Kaleidoscope Pale Ale

The Experience

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Idles - Faith in the City
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Brand New Combine Harvesters
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Jerk Chicken

The Oddbins Take

Bristol is quickly becoming a hotspot in the UK beer scene, what a turn-around for those West Country folk. If you wanted a night out in the early 80s it probably would have been a jug of scrumpy, paired with the musical stylings of The Wurzels. Not anymore, breweries like Wiper & True are making Bristol so cool that residents of Hoxton have started covetously peering west. They’re also, backing it up with astonishing beer; Kaleidoscope like the three mirrors that make up these optical instruments to create an ever-changing picture, combines three different hops to create a seasonally evolving flavour profile. It’s strikingly harmonious and better still there isn’t a banjo insight, sorry banjoists.

About The Brewery

The guys behind Wiper and True fell in love with brewing at home - learning craft on a kitchen stove with pots, pans and raw ingredients. Whilst paying respect to the traditional craft of beer making, their inclination from those early days has always been to experiment and to play. Whether that’s roasting their own malts, adding wild ingredients such as blackberries and chillies, or ageing their beer in different kinds of wood, their aim is to create something truly special. Whilst the apparatus may have become more sophisticated, the thirst for experimentation and enjoying craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. Oddbins have followed Wiper and True for a number of years and in 2016 we even brewed a limited addition, modern amber ale with them, that was Oddbins Number 7 in our range. We hope you enjoy drinking their beers as much as we do working with them.



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Beer Style
Pale Ale
Hops:Citra, Ekuanot, Equinox, Mosaic, Simcoe
Nose:Citrussy, Floral
Palate:Citrus, Clean

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