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Whilst their numbers are increasing dramatically every year, women are still in the minority in the winemaking world - in some countries extremely so. Here are six wines that showcase some of the best winemaking in the range - and all of them are made by women.

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Women Winemakers Case - Mixed Case of 6 Wines

Women Winemakers Case - Mixed Case of 6 Wines

What's In This Case

  • Rolling Shiraz 2016 - Australian Red Wine

    In the early 1980s people discovered the virtue of the Central Rangers. What would they be? You might rightly enquire. Well, political figures named Tony, Dave & Nick dawned in tight red, blue &...

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  • Anette Closheim Riesling 2016 Vegan and Vegetarian White Wine

    A trail of failed relationships behind her; one disappointing beau after another. In desperation one weepy evening, Beatrice turned to an online dating site. Surely the right gentleman was out...

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  • First Creek Hunter Valley Shiraz Red Wine

    "Own label wine brands." Words which, rightly or wrongly, send a shiver down many a spine. A phrase which sounds like a four-word Gothic novel, but really it depends on whose own label it is....

  • First Creek Hunter Valley Chardonnay

    We all accumulate stuff - books, records, candelabras...whatever. Every house needs just one more shelf. Liz Silkman is the same with silverware. She'd already been gathering the gongs before...

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  • Rolling Chardonnay 2016 - Australian White Wine

    In every sport there are individuals that transcend the game; football had Pele, boxing had Ali, in darts there was Phil the Power Taylor (we always thought he should have been called 'The...

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  • Anette Closheim 'Savvy' 2016 Vegan and Vegetarian White Wine

    Klaus was head-over-heels. Granted, he'd only seen Adelheid's picture, and - of course - fallen for her witty yet engaging online dating profile. But he'd truly tumbled. The last thing he was...